Welcome, ghoul-friends, to Fright Direct, where the shadows linger and the supernatural is the norm! Our haunted haven is crafted for those who relish the spine-tingling, the hair-raising, and the utterly whimsical. Here, you're invited to transform into your most cherished otherworldly entity with our premium collection of costumes, props, and decorations, all conjured from the deepest, darkest corners of the netherworld. Of corpse, we're dedicated to offering the best value for your hard-earned bones, catering to every member of the family so that everyone can look boo-tiful (or frightful, or even aww-dorably eerie) for Halloween, Christmas, or any other hair-raising celebration. Brace yourself for a monstrously delightful time as we summon an abundance of laughter and goosebumps!


Keeping it spectral, our ambition is to be the ultimate, family-friendly crypt for the most sensational costumes and props, perfect for every chilling event and spectral celebration.


Our eerie journey through the Halloween and events industry is marked by over 16 haunting years of experience. Our ghostly expertise was born from a passion for orchestrating and promoting bewitching theme parks and magical events, evolving into the creation of thrilling haunted houses and festive Santa's Grottos. We've even ventured into the realm of the Easter Bunny, designing our very own bone-chilling mazes!


In alliance with otherworldly suppliers across the USA, we conjure the finest in Halloween and holiday goods, costumes, eerie masks, haunted holiday props, and sinister decorations. Should you have chilling products yearning for a spot within our ghastly gallery, do reach out. We assure you, our fangs are safely tucked away! CONTACT US.


We are always on the lookout for talented souls to join our unholy ranks, from the realms of social media specters to the ancient arts of sourcing sorcery. Gaze into the abyss below for current crypt openings. Alas, no vacancies lurk in the shadows at this moment - but be warned, the veil may soon lift!

If haunted queries about our eerie offerings consume your thoughts, or if you wish to suggest a phantom product that hasn't (yet) crossed over into our domain, please CONTACT US.